Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Well, it looks like i will not be at San Diego Comic Con 2008. Now i'm going to get right to the point as to why, I will not be at SDCC08 because it may effect other people you know. in which case please pass this link on to other people so they don't find themselves in this same boat.

SDCC08 had 110 small press tables and 180 applicantes. it took my partner in crime Derrick Williams 3 weeks of calling, leaving messages and sending e-mail, which never got returned to find out they where out of tables. so there's about 70 small publishers who are in the same boat.

If you haven't heard from SDCC2008, they your not going to, thats whats real. I doubt you'll get in on stand by, which is what the 70 or so people who are in limbo are in. this is a very poor practice by the 800 lbs beast, as many of you may know by now most of the other conventions around the country this summer, may already be filled.

I am truly disopointed in SDCC, because it shows how little respect they have for the people who really have helped it grow, because if your old enough to remember the haydays of comics, many of the small press publishers started out as fan, and bought 4 day passes when they where fans and honestly, the industry would not be here today, if it wasn't for the fans.

So, in closing, if this effects you, get busy looking for another convention to attend this summer before it's to late, you don't want to get stuck with a bunch of books and nowhere to sell them.

infact i may suggest Hero's Con in June, i'm not sure how many tables they have left, but everyone i've talk to is super nice, i know if they have an influx of people scrambling to get in, they'll "try" to do something, because thats what good people do. Also try the folks at Baltimore ComicCon http://www.comicon.com/baltimore/index.htm as of this morning they had plenty of space left, mostly because it's in September.

more on this to come.

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Psychomud said...

Hey bro - is you can make the time, come to Wizard World Chicago Comic Con, we got two 8 foot tables so there is plenty of room to come and sell. ;-)