Tuesday, March 4, 2008


well, i figure it's time i let people in on whats new and future stuff that's happening in my world.

currently i'm planning to go back to school for 3d game design or some related field... now i'm sure some of you think this is great... it's not, i would rather eat a bullet then waste my talent on such thing, but the reality is we live on a planet full of retards, people so base and sub human... primal that they lack the imagination to be able to enjoy anything that's not some 3d bullshit or hyper real, poser or photo trace garbage.

so i'm moving away from traditional art all together so i can join the rank and file drowns and scratch out a living... this "choice" has taken it's toll on me creatively and even the few projects still in the works are becoming harder with each passing day.

so i'll tell you about them real quick.

the first is KuzuGalz #1 28 pages black and white comic, color cover by myself and Derrick Williams, who's inking/finishing the last 3 pages and editing it down so i can script and letter it... i'm going to be creating a new cover image for it too.

the second is my half of the "Transform" flip book full color, featuring my OC Kei, both, "should" be done for Hero's Con.

San Diego, still no word, but since i'll be going back to school, i doubt i'll be going.

I have nothing new planned after i finish the above project, all energy will be focused on 3d, again, i'm so not ok with this, but i've got to do it.

my hope is that i will find some measure of peace once i have finished with the schooling, but i'm not kidding myself... everyday that i move closer to this i die a little more inside and become just a tad bit more numb.

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