Tuesday, March 18, 2008


well i recently read a posting on dA where an artist who's work is pretty distinct had a an old pix of theirs traced then posted by the tracer.

now this is pretty common for artist these day on the net, to have this happen to them. it doesn't happen to me, and to be truthful, i doubt it will.

here's why...

1. I don't draw anywhere close to any "known" or any unknown, or "popular" artists. so i'm not inviting this to happen. it's by design, 100% on purpose. i'm so far from "whats hot" because i don't want this happening to me, it's not cool, and i don't want to deal with it. I've gone out of my way to have this not happen.

2. I do allot with how i get from concept to final color to put in measures to insure this doesn't happen. screen tones and where i place them in the layers of color, the angles i use, line weights, how i lay the color down with the wacom pen. Even my color pallet. ALL the things are to insure i never have to deal this problem.

so, just a short insight as to why my work looks like it does and why i don't have people just ripping my shit off, it's not as much because people don't like it, it's because they can't even begun to figure out how to do it ;)

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