Tuesday, March 4, 2008


this was i pix i did about a week ago for a contest, doubt it'll win, but who care. things are crazy, i just spent half the night trying to get my A3 scanner hooked up to a intel box... this is my first win'tel box and i hate it, how/why people put up with the garbage that is window/intel is really beyond me... they really don't work worth a damn and and that XP so Vista must really be a car wreck if you know what i mean... I was telling someone the other day that the consumers in the USA have all the power to change this and "force" microsoft to get it's shit together and create something thats not total over price junk... sigh... well i'm sure Apple's OS X 10.? will one day run on wintel boxes and then Windows is fucked... we'll maybe, i'm finding that the real problem with people being stuck in the windows OS isn't the OS but "OFFICE" i was kinda shocked... "so people are getting assfucked by Microsoft not so much because of the OS but because they "have" to use office LOL if that's the reason that people allow microsoft to stay in business.... well all i can say is you windows users really do 100% deserve to suffer and get screwed.

Office, what a joke :rofl:

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