Thursday, March 6, 2008


well, last night i was in Washington DC, at the Velvet Lounge for the first DMV Music Movement "Netwroking and Open Mic" event. I think the turn out was good over all, one of the "rappers" clearly had no business being on stage and no matter how many of your boy's and peeps you bring out, it doesn't make it ok to just go onstage and act a fool.

by and large i think people had a good time and i think in this day and age "events" like this are important. I've been to several of these types of "events in the past 8 years around the country with much lower and less productive turn outs.

the next planned event for DMVMM is on the 23rd of April, 9:30pm at the Velvet Lounge, if you live in the DC, Maryland and Virginia Area, you should think about coming out and see what it's all about :)

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