Sunday, March 9, 2008


here's the crappy cards i did for the breast cancer charity event on e-bay. just a reminder :)

also, i'll be cleaning up the blog a little too. some of you may notices that I haven't been updating anything other then my dA page lately. get use to it.

dA and here will be the 2 spots to catch the fresh and new art. Myspace and facebook are for work related reasons, but they are all updated with the same stuff as the dA page, just much, much later.

I only post comments, give advice and crit really anymore on the Blueline Comci board. this is for one reason. The artist over there want to be comic artist and are striving towards being "Draftsmen". In a digital world where tracing and coping photo's and 3d over poser wire frames is all the rage, i find it refreshing to see artist willing to work at becoming better, the right way. so i've chosen to focus my energy towards helping them get to there goal.

all other accounts are now just billboards on the internet supper highway, if you've hit those pages you'll see i haven't logged in since january in most cases, and have no intention too. why? waste of my time to be honest, and i really can't be bothered to pull the pages down or go back and forth with briandead admin.

what about the other blogs? yeah forget those too, sorry, thats life, deal with it.

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Psychomud said...

Crapp- my ass! I love em - I dig the batman the most - did these make it out before they pulled the other cards from the auction?