Tuesday, February 12, 2008


ok folks, i'm gonna make this short and sweet today since this is something that's pissed me off for soome time now and i've kept my trap shut on this but today is the final straw.

Over the past few months in the Art/comic world a few people have passed on. now when i heard about Steve Gerber passing away yesterday the first thing I thought of was not his family or anything like that, it was...

"how many posers are going to put up a dA journal about how much "they" misses them and how much "they" will miss him...
you see, people don't care about the dead, they care about how they are viewed by others in a time of morning. when the ass hole that was playing the Joker in the new batman flicks overdoesed 14 damn Journal entries on dA about it, NOT more then one was a copy paste of the yahoo report.

I could go on and on, like everyone who pretended to care when some girl on dA smacked into a tree and died last year.

pathetic. where were you people when they where alive, where was all the kind words when these people where still here! oh they weren't important enough to talk about when they still up right and walking around, they didn't rate time or attention when they where breathing.

Look at "ME" i'm so sad that "fill in the blank" died, see how great i am because i'm all emo and in morning and writing journals about someone i didn't give 2 shits about in life. I don't see people putting up journals about friends or school mates that are dieing in Iraq over bullshit...

oh, my bad we save that for myspace and face book.

if you want to show people how great "you" are try throwing the spotlight on people while they still are among us rather then 24 hours before they get put into the ground.

sorry folks this makes me sick to death and i'll have a more scathing journal up on dA later today once my new css is done.
FUCK EVERYONE and anyone who waits till a person is dead to tell the world how great they where!

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