Saturday, October 27, 2007

JoyGirl & Goon3 Reboot 2007

back at kubert school, I came up with these characters... for many reasons they kept getting shoved on the back burner for 10 years on and off... about 7 years ago i became aware that some band had the name JoyGirl and so that killed the last bit of life it had in it... only to have a watered down version of JoyGirl show up with a different name and a slightly different custume in KuzuGalz #1...

the fact is i'm having to take on all sort of odd jobs these days and i still can't make ends meet... so what little bit of time i have to enjoy drawing is going to be spent with these two characters.... and i'm sure Kei will make an appearance... the reality is i need something i can possible turn a few bucks off and it may take 2 months, it may take 2 years... only time will tell.

here's a little peak ;)

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